My name is Dan. I’m a recent Computer Science graduate and an iOS developer.



  • iOS Development, Swift, UIKit, Core Data. XCTest, SwiftUI, Xcode (debugging & profiling)

iOS Apps

  • Scratch Paper: An infinite-canvas drawing app with several thousand active users. Implemented with Swift, UIKit, and PencilKit using Storyboards.
  • Step One: A digital “in-basket” for logging memos including text, images, and audio. It is a document-based application that syncs to iCloud Drive. Implemented with Swift, UIKit, and AVKit without Storyboards.
  • Command-C: A customizable text editor. Implemented with Swift, UIKit, and SwiftUI. Pending iOS 14 release.
  • Checklists: An app for creating and reusing to-do lists. It utilizes expected platform conventions including: Dark Mode, Voice Over, Dynamic Type, and supports all size classes. The app is ready to be localized and has a thorough test suite. Implemented with Swift, UIKit, Core Data, and XCTest without Storyboards. It uses the MVC pattern.
  • Flickr: A client for Flickr. It demonstrates the MVP pattern and features a test suite. It consumes Flickr’s RESTful service. Implemented with Swift, UIKit, and XCTest without Storyboards.
  • Huddle: A clone of Meetup, a social network for organizing in person meetups. This was my senior capstone. It consumes a RESTful service created by a classmate. Implemented with Swift, UIKit, and MapKit without Storyboards

Other Projects

  • Linux Shell (CS344, Operating Systems): Wrote a multi-process shell in C featuring input/output redirection and background vs foreground processes.
  • File Transfer Utility (CS373, Intro to Networking): Wrote a file transfer system in C with a client and server component. It mimics a standard FTP tool by using separate TCP sockets for user commands and file transfers.
  • Landmine Tracker (CS361, Software Engineering 1): Built a web application for reporting and tracking the coordinate locations of Cambodian landmines using Node Express and MySQL.

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